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About Major Services

For over two decades, MSI has provided a wide range of IT services to highly complex public and private organizations. With extensive experience in both the network and mainframe environments, MSI’s skilled staff of IT specialists have hands-on, real-world knowledge of legacy systems companies cannot do without, as well as the latest trends in information technology.  

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

MSI offers the flexibility often necessary in today's ever changing IT world:

  • Services can be provided locally or remotely

  • Staff size can be quickly adjusted to meet current needs

  • Short-term consulting services can be provided when specific expertise is needed

  • On-going contracts for long-term projects and larger staffing needs are available to meet large staffing needs

  • Fixed pricing can be provided for long-term staffing arrangements

  • Demand-based pricing (per hour) can be provided for when flexibility is key

  • Services can be tailored to meet today's needs

Recently, for example, MSI provided a key expert during a critical phase of a software upgrade. The expert was made available on a schedule determined by the client.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Major Services is certified by the State of Louisiana, and the federal government as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). 

Understanding Business Processes

Major Services has long understood that your business processes must come first.  Our staff offers expertise in finance, billing, customer support, inventory and more. These skills will help you improve your business processes. Our team is well-equipped to tailor IT systems and related manual processes to support your business needs.
There are thousands of billing software systems available to purchase, for example.  But which ones are going to do billing the way you want? MSI can address that question before you invest in software that is a poor fit for your company.
In addition, MSI can provide project managers who can lead your IT staff in understanding your business processes and their role in supporting those processes.  It is not uncommon for even simple IT changes to have to be redone because the programmer didn't really understand what was needed. MSI can help eliminate such timely and costly errors.

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