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Suite of Services

Business Process Re-engineering

MSI specializes in recreating core IT business processes with the goal of analyzing company workflows and improving productivity, resiliency, and reducing costs of IT operations.

Managed Service Provider

Our MSP solutions will manage and administer your supplier network, vendor management system, or IT staff augmentation process.

Staff Augumentation

MSI’s outsourcing strategy allows for the adequate staffing of IT projects in a manner to effectively respond to your business needs.


From network administration to customized IT consulting, MSI has the experience you need to meet the demands of a growing organization.

Network Administration

Keeping an organization's computer network up-to-date and operating as intended is important to business growth. MSI has the experience to help maintain critical IT infrastructure for all size companies. 

Database Administration

The function of managing and maintaining database management systems is critical to ensuring that a database is always available. MSI provides the expertise required to ensure optimum accessibility.


Geographic Information System (GIS) is a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing data. MSI offers specialized services to assist with GIS projects.

PC Support

MSI offers the level of tech support needed to assist our customers and clients with issues arising from everyday network use. 

COBOL Programming

One of the first programming languages to be computing-device neutral, COBOL is still being used today, particularly in the business and finance sectors. MSI provides training and IT staff for COBOL programming efforts. 

Mainframe System Programming

MSI mainframe programmers can help to install, customize, and maintain operating systems, as well as install or upgrade products that run on the system.

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