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Organizational Change Management

How does your organization manage the effects of new business processes? Do you have the resources and manpower available to make organizational changes seamless and cost efficient? If not, we can help. MSI specializes in building effective strategies for the integration of new business solutions including network administration and upgrades, project management, training and implementation.

Strategy Planning

Strategic plans are not done every day and are often not an area your regular IT staff is familiar with. MSI can create an IT strategic plan that reflects your business and your goals as well as the technology trends that will help you achieve those goals.

Training & Implementation

Today's software acquisition cost can be the smallest part of a projects total budget.  Accurate data conversion, training, and implementation planning, and execution are a growing cost as businesses recognize the vital role these activities play in a successful rollout.  MSI has experience in all three areas and can provide your company with assistance on either a consulting basis or a project basis.

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