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Leaders learn from experience, and Brittany Major has spent a lifetime observing, implementing, learning and growing as both a person and a businesswoman.

“I like to think that I’ve evolved and taken lessons from all of my professional experiences, beginning with my very first job in high school,” she says. With an extensive and accomplished resume of global finance and banking experience, Brittany is now at the helm of Major Services, Inc. a family-owned and operated IT firm founded by her father, Bobby Major, Jr., in 1994.

Published by the BIZ NEW ORLEANS / DECEMBER 2019

CHANGE WAITS FOR NO ONE - AS ONE OF THE leading IT service providers in New Orleans few people know that better than Major Services, Inc. (MSI). From technical change to generational change, MSI has embraced it all, as this year the company passes the baton from founder Bobby Major Jr. to his children Brittany Major (President and CEO) and Bobby Major, III (Vice President).

Whether the project is large (network administration, programming and project management) or small (direct support by PC technicians), MSI has the tools, experience and personnel to handle it. Their base of 35 employees offer a wide range of services for private and institutional customers and MST's access to extensive additional resources means it can deliver solutions customized to its clients' needs.

Because of it reputation for integrity and an uncompromising regard for delivery high-quality service, MSI retains and has developed long-standing customers and a reputation as a top IT provider, growing from their initial specialization - working with local government agencies - to new heights, including financial systems, information processing and business consulting.

As the new owners of MSI, Bobby III and Brittany are committed to operating the company with the same vision and laser-focus on growth as in the decades before.

MSI, a company owned by a family of New Orleans natives, is committed to betterment and advancement of the city they and their employees call home. They are family first and New Orleans first - and with their focus on generational growth and their goal-oriented mission, both family and city will continue to prosper.

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